Directional Boring

HDD / Trenchless Technologies

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used when there is a structural impediment to just digging a trench into which you can lay a pipe. This construction technique drills a horizontal hole under the impediment, waterway or even roads. Then, and a pipeline or other utility line is pulled through the drilled underground tunnel.

If you have a job with these specific requirements, the technicians at Williamson Fencing can drill in a horizontal direction without having to dig a trench across an expanse of soil. Let us help you with these challenges. More is possible with this method you might think, for utilities and other projects.

What are the advantages of horizontal drilling?

  • Durability – Horizontal directional drills use tough, durable pipes that last longer underground.
  • Faster Installation – Trenchless work is significantly more efficient and less disruptive than open cut methods.
  • Cost Savings – By avoiding excavation, you also avoid the associated costs.
  • Less Environmental Disturbance – Open cut methods are much harder on the landscape.
  • Flexibility – You can go under obstacles much easier.
  • Suitability – It can be employed in soft to hard clays, wet soils, and environmentally sensitive areas. This method avoids having to dig large pits to install jacking and boring machines. Crews only need to dig small sending and receiving pits.
  • Distance – These technologies are capable of reaching 10,000–15,000 ft (3000–4500 m) and may reach 25,000 ft (7500 m) when used under favorable conditions.