Gates, Operators, & Access Controls

Security Gates come in all shapes and sizes and serve many different needs. Therefore, it is important that you have someone with decades of experience when it comes to selecting the operators and access controls for them. There are more choices than ever and Williamson Fencing has kept up with the pace of technological innovation. We offer operators for all types of gates, telephone entry systems, remote controlled gates, aluminum security gates, cantilever gates, crash gates, barrier gates, vertical lift gates, and all electric gate operators for your commercial needs.


What are gate operators?


A gate operator is a device that will automatically open and close your security gate or barrier. Many of our operators are able to have added options for solar power and battery backup capabilities.


In terms of access control, gate access control systems work in much the same way as any other access control; you have an electronically-locked door or gate that is connected to the access control server or IP network, via either a hardwired system or a wireless connection (usually a cellular signal).


One of the main advantages of gate access control systems is that it allows you to manage the access into and out of a gated property. They ensure that tenants and authorized visitors can enter your property while restricting access to unauthorized people. Controlling access at your gate keeps your property secure and your tenants safe.